Exterior Plastering

Cavity Clad have been in the exterior plastering industry for nearly 20 years and provide a professional service from installation of the cladding to the painted plaster finish.

We provide the most technically advanced plaster cladding systems and manage each project with a highly experienced and skilled team of plasterers.

Cavity Clad is committed to both quality and efficiency so we work with you and your builder/s throughout the project to ensure you receive your desired result.

Exterior Painting

Cavity Clad use Wattyl Solagard exterior acrylic semi glossas it is a tough and durable exterior paint which offers protection for your home in any weather or climate. Wattyl Solagard provides the best balance between appearance, dirt resistance and flexibility for greater protection.

Cavity Clad use Wattyl Solagard 100% acrylic paint system as it provides outstanding durability and mould resistance. It blocks out harmful UV rays preventing them from penetrating the surface and resists cracking and peeling. It also comes with a 15 year warranty.

To find out more about the acrylic paint we use please visit the Wattyl website here.


It is important to make sure your exterior cladding is well maintained as it is crucial to having a healthy home and can help avoid costly repairs in the future.

Cavity Clad will repair any cracks or damage to your exterior cladding and repaint the area to restore to a like new condition. We take care to ensure your property is protected throughout the project and the work is completed correctly to meet our quality standards.